At The Heights Learning Community, children feel safe, secure and well supported on their educational journey. Each learner is valued and known, understanding the importance of living in a respectful and accepting community of collaborators. Our learners are nurtured, equipped and encouraged to imagine and create a better world through conscientious thinking.

Project Based Learning (PBL) and Design Thinking 

Learners are presented with or consider their own scenario/problem that they then in turn research to develop their knowledge and understanding. Educators facilitate and guide their learning journey. Assessment is often in the form of projects, portfolios or presentations. Inquiry based learning can be used to explore themes that allow the learner to see more clearly a real-life application of their own learning. 

Core Competency Skills of Deep Learning 

It is important for 21st Century learners to develop core competency skills that enable them to not only build sound knowledge, but to also have the attributes to contribute in a meaningful way in society. These skills include creativity, critical thinking, communication, collaboration, citizenship and character.  

NESA Curriculum and KLA Specifics 

With a strong emphasis on faith development and wellbeing, Biblical Studies and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education play a major role in the curriculum design at The Heights. Mathematics and English are taught primarily through direct, explicit instruction, but all efforts are made to make links to the thematic units and life. The Arts, History, Geography, Science and Digital Technologies are all integrated into thematic Project-based units of work.  

Learning that makes a difference