Where We Are Going

A vibrant, dynamic new learning environment is coming to Gillieston Heights!

The Heights Learning Community is aspirational in name and in design. Launching with a Pre-Kindergarten Jump-Start Program in Term 4, 2023, followed by the addition of Primary-aged learners in 2024, The Heights will continue to grow each year by adding consecutive grades to its community. This will see the site at 209 Cessnock Road develop with landscaped play and outdoor learning areas as well as submissions for new proposed learning facilities.  

The NSW State government has endorsed the plans for building a K-12 co-educational campus, offering a substantial kickstart grant in 2020. This has activated many development plans and reports to be prepared since this announcement and will soon see this project become a reality as construction for our first new building, ‘Launchpad’, our K-6 learning facility begins to emerge on the property. A facility with larger open learning spaces that offer flexible learning to take place where learners can move in and out of rooms as the learning requires them to. The child’s learning experience will determine what the room will look like not the other way around. We look forward to presenting this plan to our learning community.

As The Heights develops its primary campus and facilities such as STEM facilities, a community HUB and Welcome Centre, the vision for what secondary education could look like will begin to take shape over the next decade. In consultation with educators, families and local community members, the child learners of The Heights will play a pivotal role in helping inform and design the decisions for this secondary campus project ‘Landing Zone’.  

Learning that makes a difference